About Us

2 Love One was founded in 2014 with an aim to provide our customers a wide selection of the latest fashion and most desirable clothing. We are a global company based on the Internet. Having the advantage of direct access to a few thousand of clothing factories, which allows us to offer new arrivals on a daily basis with very affordable price. Something you may just saw it on TV or fashion magazine, you will be able to find it in our store the next day. 2 Love One is a pop up shop in your bedroom! We aim to create the ultimate retail experience, incorporating the ease of online shopping. 2 Love One is working hard to bring the modern woman the best of both worlds, to find top fashions that will cater to every aspect of a woman’s lifestyle. We search high and low for unique styles that are well constructed (some styles are designed by us). 2 Love One will ship your favorite selections to the comfort of your own home. Try them on in your bedroom and see if the fit is just right. Mix and match your selections with your own jewelry and favorite styles in your closet. You are the star playing many roles in your life and we want you to look stunning in all of them!